Now keep track of all Twitter conversations of a single user

We added a new feature recently. Now its possible for you to see a list of all conversations a single user has had, and track any conversation from that list. This is cool, and really helpful.

A list of all conversations @Conweets has had on Twitter. Click on any one to view the entire thread.

There’s always scope for improvement, and we’re constantly trying to figure out ways to improve our site’s usability and user experience (UX). Since the launch of Conweets last month, we’ve been receiving a lot of feedback and suggestions. The most received suggestion was that the instructions on the site were not very clear and it was hard for first time users to figure out what we did and how they could use our site. This, coupled with the launch of a new feature, caused us to make a few changes on the site, for the better.

  • “How To” Slider

We’ve added a slider which explains the simple steps required to track a conversation via Conweets.

  • Better instructions while entering the handles

We’ve added more instructions to the form which is used to track conversations.

There are other minor site-wide changes too. Please go through the site and tell us what you feel about the new feature and the changes. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. We’ll be posting a detailed demo of the new feature very soon. Stay tuned :)

You can also talk to us on Twitter here

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